Holistic Health and Nutrition Counseling services

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates

I am committed to working with individuals and corporate entities looking to make a difference in themselves and those around them. I am filled with gratitude for having had the opportunity to spend the last 20 or so years researching eastern food philosophies and practices, and getting certifications in holistic health and nutrition counseling, and yoga. My lectures/presentations and workshops/retreats are thorough, informative, fun and lively, addressing current trends in health, wellness, and gastronomy. 

To discuss any food, tea, and health and wellness related projects/workshops/retreats, please contact me.

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Eat well and be well...


At a crossroads and looking for a change? Can't figure out how to prioritize your health? Always manage to find a distraction? Let me help you stay focused and take care of the number one person in your life... YOU, because you in good health, is what your loved ones want and benefit from as much as you will. Eating fresh foods and being active is what has kept me balanced over the years. Stay fit and feel the difference in both body and mind.




For individual sessions, please contact me. I have a sliding scale based on individual needs. 

2-hour initial consultation - this is an interview/discovery process that allows me to make an assessment, and figure out ways to help you achieve your goals. Follow-up sessions are 1 hour.

Everyone is different. Some people will require weekly sessions, which is normal in the beginning of our work together. These sessions will help set the tone for the work that needs to be done. Whether it takes 4 months, 6, 9 or even a year, at a certain point you will be on automatic pilot, flying on your own and taking charge of your health. This is the hope.

I have had 100% success rate, my clients taking on a tea practice as a way to maintain a healthy weight, but also as a way to focus the mind and be simultaneously alert and relaxed. Also check out some simple tips and my method for working together.

I have experience working with individuals needing to lose or gain weight, who have eating disorders, and other challenging health issues. I have collaborated with doctors including mental health professionals, whenever necessary.

Once we get through the initial consultation, together we develop an approach that is unique to your needs. It may be straight forward diet plan, but meditation and yoga postures specifically addressing digestion may also be included. Tea therapies play an important role, as tea has been recognized as one of the most powerful "herbs" in Chinese herbal medicine for centuries. Not only is the beverage full of antioxidants, but it is also powerful with weight loss. Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) is also a peaceful practice that we can incorporate into the regimen. Food and mood are related, and tea as a meditative practice can help reduce anxiety especially as one deals with weight and health issues in general.

You're never too old or too young to make a change that will have positive long-lasting results. 

Contact me for more information and pricing options.


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