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Think outside the box. Mindfulness should always be part of the conversation, especially in the workplace.

In practicing mindfulness, I have successfully worked through challenges. Indeed, there is great wisdom in developing a discipline that enhances your environment and promotes team-building. Additionally, a balanced lifestyle makes you a better person, more compassionate, patient, and empathetic.

One of my most rewarding work experiences was as Marketing Consultant for a New York City-based avocational cooking school that focused in corporate team-building events. We broke all barriers with many cooks in the kitchen; quite literally! As a result, employees went back to work, having developed better ways to communicate respectfully and openly share information.


In contrast to their employees, C-level executives realized first-hand the failures within their corporate culture and structure, addressing the obstacles they were facing with renewed energy and determination for improving their management skills, including communicating and incorporating time-saving strategies for the betterment of all while increasing their bottom-line.


As a certified yoga and meditation instructor and holistic health and nutrition counselor, my background gives me a unique perspective when collaborating on projects. In addition, the wellness modalities I practice daily positively influence my work. I can honestly say that my emphasis on a healthy lifestyle crosses over into my work seamlessly. It makes me a better team player and negotiator.


Relentlessly striving for harmony at work and at home, once in a while, to keep in check, I teach wellness workshops. 


28 August 2021


Malmö, Sweden
All-day wellness workshop
10:00 to 16:45 (5:00 PM)

All-day wellness retreat with three workshops including yoga, holistic nutrition, and gong fu tea. Cleanse body and mind while enjoying delicious premium white, green, oolong, and red ("black") tea. 

For more info and to reserve, click here!




online only

30 August to 3 September


So you want to write a book, and check that off your bucket list. 

19 September 2021


Hurley, New York, USA
All-Day wellness workshop
8:30 AM to 6:00 PM (18:00)

All-day tea and sound wellness retreat with Corinne and Katie Down, a multi-instrumentalist composer, psychotherapist, and sound bath performer. Fun and engaging tea and music workshops. Experience the centuries-old Chinese gong fu tea service along with gongs, harps, and flutes inside a beautiful calming geodesic dome overlooking New York's Catskill Mountains. Reservation link coming soon.


Reservation link coming soon!


More to come; please check regularly!

Transform co-workers into your dream team...

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