Raising a Cup to Covid 19

It's been a while since I've blogged. I've been busy these last few months, teaching workshops, consulting, traveling, and working on a book. But now, with all projects put on hold until further notice, I'm doing my part by staying home. My life has drastically changed, once again.

Covid 19 has hit us hard. It has forced us to sit still and wait. If anything, it is teaching us patience and self-care. I'm at home in New York, occasionally trying to figure out how to get on a plane and go halfway across the world to my second home in Malmö. This self-imposed retreat is not so bad. I am finding the time to reflect on the last two—almost three—decades and what my next moves are. Where do I want to be 5 years from now since I can't plan the next few weeks (at least!)?

While doing all this thinking, I've been meditating, learning scriptures, delving deeply into Buddhism, and thus creating a place of great comfort. I've been drinking heavily, indulging in all sorts of beautiful Chinese teas, perhaps even getting "tea drunk." I call it "raising a cup to Covid 19," flushing out any and all toxins from the body the only way I know how. This is a really good way to improve your health when down with the flu, common cold, and many more diseases. Theoratically this practice should greatly improve your health, should you be infected. That is, provided you have a strong immune system to begin with. Drinking plenty of liquids is the best thing you can do, other than washing your hands and keeping your distance, in general. This is basic stuff we should be doing anyway, regardless of sickness.

Reaching out to friends and family, to make sure they're okay has been a weekly endeavor. Discussing what we've been eating and drinking is a normal conversation. We talk about all the things everyone else talks about including how Covid 19 is affecting the world, and how unprepared we've been. We're on lock down and for someone like me, who does not necessarily mind staying at home, usually, Covid 19 feels like a straitjacket preventing me from enjoying my freedom. It's been a bit frustrating at times, I admit.

I'm not going to tell you what you already know. I'm just going to tell you what I do daily:

  • I write, jotting down a few words, sometimes just for myself.

  • I drink tea all day long.

  • I enjoy fresh squeezed lemon juice with hot water, eating a spoonful of honey just before to sweeten the palate.

  • For breakfast, I eat an avocado chopped up over a bed of greens with two fresh eggs (from the farm down the road) cooked sunny-side up.

  • I snack on cheese and fresh fruit such as berries, apples, and pears.

  • I make brothy vegetable and pea soup for dinner with enough leftovers to last a couple of days.

  • Clementines after dinner are the best.

  • I make tisanes (rose, jujube, lemongrass, ginger).

  • I do my meditation and chanting practice.

  • I go up and down the stairs a lot.

  • I have fun with my coloring book.

  • I watch Netflix.

Wishing you all the very best. Do yourself and everyone a favor. Stay home!


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