Writing is hard work. It is both enjoyable and painful, your vulnerability on display for all to see and scrutinize.


Today, everyone's a critic, but don't let that stop you from putting ink to paper. Instead, respond to criticism by developing a compelling written voice of your own, or let me do it for you.

Whether you are interested in writing a book, an article, a research paper, or a business proposal, my insights, tips, and tools will help you get the job done.


I have published books and articles. I have taught creative writing and communications to undergraduate and graduate students. For over two decades, I have worked on projects requiring me to write hundreds of thousands of words, honing my skills as a writer and editor. 

I wasn't born a natural writer. Instead, I acquired the skill by necessity, learning to love the craft. Writing and the ability to communicate and share ideas are necessary skills, regardless of the position you hold or the field you're in

Writing is a discipline that requires daily practice. And eventually, words, rhythm, and flow come together effortlessly.

I have also worked on various F&B projects from concept to fruition. Writing and communicating are two skills you can't do without. I will work with you to develop a solid concept with creativity and confidence.

Take your project to the next level; work with me!


General services

• writing and editing for business and personal projects (presentations, research papers, articles, academic papers, web content, correspondence, b2b, b2c, etc...) 

• mind-mapping and SWOT analysis

• content writing and developmental editing

• motivational public speaking and presentations

• project research and development 

• branding and communications strategies 

• business development, solutions and integration

Specialty services

• how to develop a book idea and proposal

• how to find an agent and or negotiate a book contract

• creative writing course including how to develop your written voice, adhere to deadlines, and develop a daily practice (9 sessions; starts anytime)

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"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by."

~ Douglas Adams, author, The Salmon of Doubt