Food is the glue that brings people together. It is the oldest mode of communication, an art form that begins at the table, where ideas are shared and take shape, plans are drawn and negotiated, and projects evolve and come to fruition.

For decades I have been traveling the world, observing local food cultures, absorbing their philosophies and practices, learning to listen deeply. It is no wonder that my projects are initiated while enjoying a meal. The table is where we are our most authentic selves, revealing who we truly are and how different we are.


I strongly believe that a well-rounded professional embraces cultural differences and strives to be inclusive. The world is small, and the more we e-connect, the more we need to practice patience and empathy to understand each other's perspectives. Our thoughts and actions impact us all. To think of people only at arms reach is not enough. We need to work globally.


Over the years, I have developed a solid foundation as a researcher, writer, and educator, collaborating on non-profit and

for-profit projects alike. My work in publishing, health and wellness, education, event planning, tourism, and hospitality often comes together organically and seamlessly. A multi-faceted entrepreneur, I think outside the box and push the envelope, working solo or with a full team. 

I have worn different hats from Administrative Assistant to Office Manager, Executive Sales Manager, Public Relations Director, Program Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, Tour Director, Event Planner, Spokesperson, Branding and Communications Consultant, Business Development and Solutions Integration Advisor, Public Speaker, and Adjunct Professor. Mindfulness is central to everything I've accomplished to date. My goal is to redress imbalances and find common ground while collaborating on meaningful projects.


My diverse professional background and personal interests allow me to see the big picture. Driven and curious, I approach projects from multiple angles with insight and wisdom from years of practice—trial and error and success combined—intertwined with today's fast-paced lifestyle and the need for easily accessible and digestible information.

Let's talk about your project. Perhaps there is synergy worth exploring. At the very least, I promise an engaging conversation.