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As a consultant, project leader, and communicator, mindfulness is central to my work. I strive to redress imbalances, working from multiple perspectives to address our shrinking world.

I have collaborated on projects in various environments within the public and private sectors. My extensive experience includes food and beverage (incl. food tech/innovation), health and wellness, publishing, education, and the startup ecosystem.


My research has taken me to all corners of the world, learning to navigate different cultures and systems. I quickly learned that patience, empathy, and the art of listening deeply while connecting with people of different backgrounds are essential to accomplishing goals. 

Let's meet over tea or coffee and discuss your project. 


Consistent with many world cultures, the table is a meeting point, and food is the glue that brings people together. Early in my career, I realized that food is the oldest form of communication. At the table, ideas take shape, plans are drawn and negotiated, and projects evolve and come to fruition. 


• BSc Hospitality Management Culinary Arts and Minor in Business (Drexel University) 

• Impact Measurement and Management for SDGs (Duke University)

• Agile Leadership (University of Colorado) 

• Diversity and Inclusion for HR professionals (University of California, Irvine) 

• The science of Wellbeing (Yale University)

• Holistic Health and Nutrition Counseling (Ayurveda's World, New York)

Let's talk about your project. Perhaps there is synergy worth exploring. At the very least, I promise an engaging conversation.

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