Corinne Trang


For over 20 years I have been telling my story through food and spiritual practice. I have traveled the world, eating my way through many delicious meals, observing and absorbing local cultures, philosophies and practices. A classically trained chef, author, consultant, and certified holistic health and nutrition counselor, yoga and meditation guide, I am most grateful for those I have been fortunate enough to encounter in my travels, culinary projects, health and wellness presentations, and teaching opportunities. Without them, I wouldn't be half the professional I am today.


My recipes can be found in The New York Times or on my blog.


It is with humility and appreciation for my profession and those before me that I continue to share with you the foods and wellness practices I love, the lessons learned and the wisdom earned. 



Journey with me and let's raise a glass to success.



With gratitude,




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"Corinne has transitioned her chef work into a healthy lifestyle brand that integrates food, yoga, wellness, meditation and Eastern medicine. She is a voracious learner who can move deftly from tips for fluffy fried rice to complex Eastern food philosophy and practices, all while looking glam and making you feel at ease... She is insightful, focused, and committed to the task at hand" J. Deutsch, Ph.D., Drexel University

"My son developed severe acne and high blood pressure. We reached out to Corinne because we wanted a treatment plan that limited his need for prescription medicine. She designed a course of action that included healthy recipes, meal plans and exercise guidelines. He was able to implement this plan and the health benefit was immediate. His blood pressure decreased and his overall health improved." private client

"She is an original: a dedicated professional of extraordinary culinary talents and a human being of high principles who manages to be both exceptionally detail-oriented and very Zen in her approach to both food and life... Through her roles as a holistic health and nutrition counselor and as a passionate expert on tea and tea ceremony, Corinne has greatly expanded and enhanced our appreciation for the pleasures of the table." Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, award-winning best-selling authors of The Flavor Bible and Culinary Artistry.

"I’ve been privileged to benefit from Corinne's expertise in nutrition and holistic health, and her deep knowledge of tea. She has a gift for communicating not just the what, but the why and how, and that comes through both in her books, and as a teacher. She is generous in sharing her knowledge. In person she projects calm, accessibility, and authority." Sydny Miner, former Vice President, Simon & Schuster

"Her particular expertise in preparing Asian cuisines, incorporating Ayurvedic principles and first and foremost considering nutritional values in her cooking make Corinne an exceptional chef." Nancy Greenwald, owner, The Arbor Bed & Breakfast, High Falls, NY