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So you want to write a book. You've romanticized becoming an author, visualizing yourself popping open the bubbly to celebrate even before writing down the first word.


There's nothing romantic about writing a book. It's an emotional roller coaster similar to marriage. You will stare at a blank page (or screen) and get frustrated more times than you can count. There are moments when you'll feel alone and overwhelmed. But, you'll be happy too, feeling accomplished at times. And whenever you want to give up, your desire to see it through will drag you back in. After all, you're not a quitter. Right!

There will be a time when you feel good, flowing in your little world, thinking you're clever, that your words sound good, until your editor says, "don't get too attached." 

Writing is hard work. It requires discipline and is not for the faint of heart.

Writing a book is like giving birth, especially the first time. Each chapter is a contraction, pushing you to scream and cry. Yet, at some point, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude when you see your name on the cover. That alone is worth the agony.


When my first book was published, my first reaction was, "I did it."


That feeling challenges me daily to hone my craft, develop my voice, and get started on another manuscript. 

Writing is humbling. It makes you vulnerable. And, it doesn't help that everyone's a critic.

If I've not scared you and you have a book project in mind, I offer developmental editing and coaching. I will guide you through the process and teach you everything I've learned. To date, I've written eight books, contributed to many more, and have written articles for numerous publications.


I teach writing one-on-one the same way I've taught it to students at New York University's undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies programs. However, I'll also customize sessions to fit your needs because I don't believe in "one size fits all."

Here are two tips:

Write 500 words per day. DISCIPLINE

Question everything, read a lot, and do your research. BECOME AN EXPERT


Reading and writing are two skills that are crucial to your development as a person and a professional. The power of knowledge and words and the ability to express yourself effectively and concisely will keep you relevant in an increasingly small and competitive world.

The purpose of writing is to share knowledge compellingly and to entertain. A book is a calling card, an ice breaker, a project that leads to another project. It's more than just ink on paper. It's a key that opens doors.

Let me guide you through the process of developing a book outline and proposal to pitch your idea to an agent and publisher. Along the way, you'll start to build your author's voice.

Once you get into a rhythm and flow, you might love writing as much as I do.


Now get in touch and let your fingers walk the keyboard.


"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect."
~ Anaïs Nin

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