•"Corinne is the consummate professional you want on your team. She has a great deal of wisdom and is accessible, her multi-cultural perspectives fascinating...simply one of the best."

~Beth Shepard, Beth Shepard Communications LLC


 • "Corinne is insightful, focused, and committed to the task at hand." 
~J. Deutsch, Ph.D., Drexel University

• "Corinne has a gift for communicating not just the why, but the what and how. She is generous in sharing her knowledge. In person, she projects calm, accessibility, and authority."

~ Sydny Miner, former VP, Simon & Schuster

• "...​accessible and easy to approach, incredibly enthusiastic, inspiring, and positive, and one of the finest and most knowledgeable experts…” 
~ K. Johnson, Ph.D., Syracuse University

• “Multi-faceted and multi-talented... she brings passion, integrity and true commitment to her work.” 

~ Dr. B. Denkin, business coach​

• "She is an original: a dedicated professional of extraordinary talents and a human being of high principles who manages to be both exceptionally detail-oriented and very Zen in her approach to life." 

~ Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, The New York Times best-selling authors