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"Corinne is a very talented and inspirational public speaker who is really able to draw the audience’s attention in a smart, simple way. Very strong entrepreneurial background and exceptional leadership skills... a mix of different cultures from South Asia to the USA passing through Europe, such background has given her unique intercultural communication skills which is crucial for sustainable business development." ~ Raed Kamil, Business Developer, LEVEL Växjö and former diplomat

"Corinne has a gift for communicating not just the why but the what and how. She is generous in sharing her knowledge. In person, she projects calm, accessibility, and authority." ~ Sydny Miner, former VP, Simon & Schuster

"She has been a great sounding board for me in defining our strategy to create the foundation for a successful business." ~ Henrik Svensson, co-founder of MaDe29

"Corinne is an exceptionally inspiring thought leader and role model with an incredible understanding of intercultural communication and team dynamics. Her solution-oriented and ambitious drive make her an extraordinary key figure in strategic multi-dimensional projects in no time." 

~ Anna Monika Reichert, research and communications specialist

"With her mentorship, my project development has altered and improved, and my confidence and capability have soared." ~ Maria Sanchez, art consultant at HILMA Contemporary

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" coach, mentor, and leader... particularly impressed with Corinne's expertise, knowledge, and ability to handle multiple tasks effortlessly, from deal negotiations to sales, narrative and copywriting. She is a doer and has a fantastic attitude and work ethic... She earns my highest recommendation." ~ Lautaro Salvador, architect, furniture designer, craftsman


"...​accessible and easy to approach, incredibly enthusiastic, inspiring, and positive, and one of the finest and most knowledgeable experts." ~ K. Johnson, Ph.D., Syracuse University

"Corinne is insightful, focused, and committed to the task at hand." ~J. Deutsch, Ph.D., Drexel University

"Corinne is an excellent advisor and coach...highly competent with excellent knowledge of the international market. Since our first meeting, she was able to understand the company's concept and grasp its unique features... Our meeting represented a key turning point for my company, right in the middle of its development... Corinne's creative thinking and international perspective will be very useful for other startups like mine" ~ Teresa Cappiali, Ph.D., senior researcher at RW and founder of NOIWE (No Innovation Without Education)

"She is a driven and passionate woman full of experience and good guidance. I look forward to working with [Corinne] again in the future." ~ Jane Olsson, SwopShop, award-winning circular economy second-hand clothing shop

"Corinne's approach to business development is served raw with a no-BS style New Yorker spiciness... an excellent presenter and educator who is captivating and magnetic... a true master of engaging everyone in the room, stimulating rich discussions around entrepreneurship, the art of negotiation, cultural differences in business, power of communication, and more... I always leave our meetings energized and with a new perspective to chew on.

~ Alexa Zerkow, consultant in food anthropology and food systems strategy design

"Corinne is the consummate professional you want on your team. She has a great deal of wisdom and is accessible, her multi-cultural perspectives fascinating...simply one of the best." ~ Beth Shepard, Beth Shepard Communications LLC

"Multi-faceted and multi-talented... she brings passion, integrity, and true commitment to her work." 

~ Dr. Brett Denkin, psychotherapist and business coach

"She is an original: a dedicated professional of extraordinary talents and a human being of high principles who manages to be both exceptionally detail-oriented and very Zen in her approach to life." 

~ Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, The New York Times best-selling authors

"The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation."

~ Mark Twain, humorist, entrepreneur and author of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"

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