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“The Asian Julia Child… Poised to join their [‘The Fannie Farmer Cookbook’ by Marion Cunningham…and

‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ by Julia Child] ranks, the newly released ‘Essentials of Asian Cuisine:

Fundamentals and Favorite Recipes’ by Corinne Trang has already created buzz. Encyclopedic in range and

content… The volume’s appendix includes both educational and practical information. A tour of food rituals…

rounds out the book’s scholarly base.” ~ Chronogram

“Trang’s Food can be chili hot, lettuce mild, caramel sweet, lime sour, crusty crisp, starchy mushy; a cappella aria

of a primary ingredient of a funky, mysterious pastiche. It may be several of these things at once. It is never timid.”

~ The New York Times

“Trang shows an instructional bent in explaining ingredients, technique, and how the cuisines evolved.”

~ The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

“Trang has done an impressive job of conveying the heart and soul of sometimes vastly different Asian foods.”

~ Winston-Salem Journal

“This wonderful book traces the journey of curries from India throughout Southeast Asia and beyond… tightfocused

photography adds its own mouthwatering appeal.” ~ The Seattle Times

“This is an inspiring collection of adventurous recipes that highlight Trang’s ingenious method of marrying eastern

and western flavors.” ~ Martin Yan, best-selling author and TV host of Yan Can Cook

“This book [Essentials of Asian Cuisine] is a masterpiece.” ~ Lynne Rosetto Kasper, The Splendid Table, NPR

“Corinne Trang’s cookbooks are a joy for the senses and have helped to bring Asian cuisine into countless kitchens

and dining rooms across America—including ours.”

~ Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page, Award-winning best-selling authors of The Flavor Bible

“This… tome [Essentials of Asian Cuisine] sets out to establish, and ultimately succeeds in laying the foundations

for authentic Asian cooking… Trang has created a book that is accessible to Western audiences of varying levels

of cooking experience… Yum.” ~ The Harvard Book Review

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