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Our Daily Greens

This time of year is when I love the Hudson Valley most. The farmers markets are abundant with a variety of greens of all different shades. There are lots of different textures to choose from as well, from tender leaves to crunchy pods. There is diversity of flavors from sweet to tangy, bitter and savory, which makes for delicious salads and vegetable dishes.

I love salads, but often get bored if I don't switch it up a bit, and because the greens are so fresh, as in live (or just picked) for the most part, I barely use any dressing, preferring some extra virgin olive oil and a light sprinkle of salt, which is healthy during this time of year when we tend to sweat a lot.

In this week's basket, sugar snap peas, escarole, cucumber, parsley, and asparagus.

If you'd like to use a light vinaigrette, go with a white balsamic. I especially like it as a sweet counterbalance to raw bitter, tangy or savory greens.

The vegetables are so delicious in July and August that I barely do anything to them. Raw, steamed, stir-fried or lightly sautéed is all you really need to do to them, retaining most of the nutrients.

Go support your local farmers!

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